July 6, 2015

Married Life

A relationship changing equations
like shifting sand dunes, slow….subtle..
Starting with dreams….passion..
becoming a compromise
when children come along..
the bonds become ties, ties become chains,
tying two people…into a life sentence…

The focus shifts, as children become
the lifeline to hold on to..
until they go their different ways…
duties and obligations take over
love, understanding and compatibility…
what we want to do, gets suppressed
by what we ought to do…

We continue living, leading parallel lives
trying to fill the emptiness in our spaces
with friends, work and various interests…
freedom becomes loneliness…
independence becomes indifference…
spaces become distances..
too great to be bridged…

So it goes on….a charade..
spontaneity lost in silence…
taking each other for granted
staying together for appearances…
and for others..a farce with
forced caring, reluctant sharing…
not reason enough to break free…

Yet needing each other
on some basic, subconscious plane
having no more desires…no more
expectations..just used to each other
comfortable in our differences
content to be with someone who

knows us at our best….and our worst…

May 1, 2015

My Life is Beautiful!

I stand by the wayside
Ignored by those passing by
No one gives me a glance
No one spares me a thought
No one waters me

Or delights in my growth…..

I am neither beautiful
Nor useful in any way
My presence makes no difference
To the earth or the sky
No one will ever notice

If I live or if I die….

Stamped upon and put down
For daring to stand tall
Plucked out and thrown away
To let others survive
I have no place in any garden

No farmer lets me grow….

 Yet I thrive on my own
Without being nurtured
Without being cherished
Without love or attention
Without any support or care

I grow abundant and wild….

The wind wipes my tears
The rain washes away my hurts
The sunshine warms me
The dew drops kiss me awake
Giving me reasons to hold on

And live for myself….

I believe in my existence
My buds have dreams
My shoots have hopes
My flowers have life
My leaves are alive

My heart too bleeds……