December 21, 2013


memories flickering through
the mists of forgetfulness
flashing sporadically, like
fireflies dancing in the night

slipping a net over them
in a vain bid to hold on
but slithering through the mesh
that my mind had become....

trying desperately to bring
them back by clinging on
struggling to recollect...gasping
for the air of remembrance

names and faces blurring
thoughts churning restlessly
vague recollections of events
distorted by time and space

as if looking at
someone else's life
the fog rolling over and
blotting out the views

losing myself slowly
the people, the events
that made up my life
drifting away from me

moving into blankness
alone and terrified
with my sense of self
wiped out by time....



Meera Sundararajan said...

I can relate to this. My MIL had Alzeimer's and we literally saw her fading away!

Archana said...

Thanks Meera. My MIL had it too.

anilkurup said...

"moving into blankness
alone and terrified
with my sense of self
wiped out by time...."

The lines are my selection from the poem,and the stanza preceding too.
Hello, I'm here after a message from MeeraSundarajan about this blog which has the same name as mine.

Srirekha Pillai said...

one of my favourites, definitely.

nairkrishnankutty said...

Beautiful....And I learnt a new shortform. MIL. And naturally FIL, BIL, SIL etc. also. My first lessen with this blog. Thanks.