May 27, 2012

My Baby....

You are still there somewhere
in the hidden regions of my soul
wearing lacy clothes, frilly frocks
and pink ballet shoes...
Standing on your toes, over my feet,
hugging me, with your smiling face
upturned and waiting for my kiss…

You still hold my heart in your hands
your spirit is entwined with mine
I never knew you, yet thoughts of you
never grow up and go away
longing for you, as if you are,
even now, a part of me…
and wishing I had another chance…

The baby I lost
The daughter I never had…..

May 20, 2012

The choice

Running over the sweeping fields
always gave me a sense of flying..
A feeling of liberation…the whole world
lying before me…so vast and open
as if waiting for me to explore…

So why restrict myself? Having no
patience with fences...disliking the idea
of boundaries….disregarding them...
finding the courage to leap over 
and soar above my limitations..

So it was, as I stood on the crossroads
of my future..the endless doubts about
what I could and couldn’t do…most of
my friends going the expected way
making me feel left out and alone…

Confused at first, and not sure which way
to go, tempted to take the easy way
by just following others, yet holding back,
reluctant to submerge my individuality
in the predictable and mundane….

Finally choosing to follow the direction
of my heart…. the decision to move away
from the crowd seeking the ordinary…
Setting aside my fears…ready to face
the unexpected and the unknown…

The responsibility of shaping my destiny
believing in the strength of my choice
exploring new avenues, not usually
followed by the multitude, but
believing in it….and in myself…

May 13, 2012

Daddy's little girl

It seems so strange.. sitting
alone here in this train, with
hardly any passengers, looking
at the world outside, and wondering
why it seems so different somehow…

When I was with you, the world
was such a beautiful place, so
secure, cosy and comfortable, feeling
cherished and pampered, with all
my needs taken care of…

You were there at each step, holding
me up, giving me everything I
wanted, making me eat and get enough
sleep, hovering protectively and
worrying about me.

But I didn’t realize all this then, and
just wanted to leave you and live
on my own, needing to prove how
grown up I was.... rebelling, when you
wanted me to conform.

I remember the hurt in your eyes, as
I answered back rudely, or asked you
to give me my freedom and privacy..
the pain you felt when you realized
I had secrets of my own…

I got what I wanted…but being on my
own has shown me the value of what I used 
to take for granted, nobody seems to care the
way you did, no one tries to understand..
How I miss you, Daddy!

Now, I wish I could put the clock back
and have some more time with you,
Nothing is as I thought it would be…
The world outside is indifferent,
uncaring and unfriendly…

I wish I didn’t have to grow up….
I wish I could just be…
Daddy’s little girl again!

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May 6, 2012

April 30

rusty nails
peeling boards 
tomorrow beckons

April 29

burning passion
feeding on itself-
the ecstasy of love

April 28

morning dewdrops
imprisoned...spider's web
a glittering rainbow

April 27

waiting to open
and drift away together
twin souls

April 26

in a frenzied burst
pent up emotions

April 25

into rainbow hues
white light


cold, grey morning
autumn sunshine
in my room

May 1, 2012

April 24

the shell
of broken promises
your words blown away

April 23

out of the
shadows of the past
blooming again

April 22

standing tall
the joy of being alive
small and frail

April 21

venturing out
tentatively - still tied
to the umbilical cord

April 20

waiting to materialize
or be blown away..
a million dreams

April 19

whether to open up
afraid to trust

April 18


looking at today
time's clenched fist