March 24, 2012

March 24

soft radiance
diffused colours
life as it is

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March 23

shadows and light
memories of another life
a tug-of-war

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March 22

misty morning
lavender drops
dew or buds?

Riding Home

Evening sunset
Fire on water
An orange glow
Sky on fire
Waves blending
Into the shore
Shadows merging
Into each other
Man and animal
Moving as one
Destinies touching
Tied together
On a journey
To find a dream
Riding home
Into the sun

Hearing the call
Of the heart…

March 17, 2012

Just the rain

Raindrops weeping down the windshield
Colours bleeding into each other..
Buildings dripping on to the pavements
People melting into the sidewalks..

A surreal world.. on the borderline
Of distorted reality and shadowy illusion
A kaleidoscope of changing patterns
Flowing with water…life moving on…

Blurred images merging together
Forming new shapes – unidentifiable..
Fears crawling out from hiding places
In the evening gloom- an impending storm?

Leaden sky with a heavy heart
A steady downpour of pent up emotions
Tears falling, unable to stop..
I thought it was just the rain….

March 16

purple dusk
fragrance stolen
by the roses


searing pain
in the heart
making music

March 14, 2012


searching for
my rainbow in the sky...
all alone...

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March 13

yellow roses
dreaming together...
you and me...

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March 12

spring blooms
hearts opening up
a family..

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March 11, 2012

March 11

brooding leaves -
turning my back
on yesterday...

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fishing net

a fisherman's net
flung on a twilight sky -
life in silhouette....

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March 10

summer sunshine
scent of roses..
memories unleashed... 

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March 9

joined together -
the thread of destiny
running through

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March 9, 2012

autumn leaves

glorious in death
fallen autumn leaves -
life walking by....

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March 8, 2012

Red Rose

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March 8

a gentle sigh -
drifting away on the wings
of a dream..

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a jet stream

a jet stream
waking the clouds
trees watching....

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New Year

waiting in the wings
of Christmas glitter -
a reluctant New Year

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lonely journey

sailing boat
in search of the horizon -
lonely journey 

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March 7, 2012

March 7

silent shadow -
light breaking through
a ripple of memory..

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Celebrating Myself

On March 8 every year, my friends wish me a ‘Happy Women’s Day’, and I thank them.Then I wonder what was there to be happy about? Happy in having a day in a year to celebrate as a woman? Or happy to be a woman? What did it mean to me – being a woman?


Being a woman means appearing soft and feminine, but being strong inside.
Being a woman means trying to fly and touch the sky, even when my wings are clipped.
Being a woman means loving sunshine and stars, along with rains and rainbows.
Being a woman means being sentimental and emotional at times, without being practical.
Being a woman means smiling when I am hurt and crying when I am happy.
Being a woman means taking joy in dressing up, even if no one appreciates it.
Being a woman means slaving over a hot stove knowing my family prefers hotel food.
Being a woman means keeping my insecurities to myself because no one is interested in them.
Being a woman means holding on, even without hope and often without support.
Being a woman means being considered weak when I cry, and unfeeling when I don’t.
Being a woman means knowing how and when to let go – of feelings, emotions, things and people.
Being a woman means caring for the happiness of my loved ones, more than my own.
Being a woman means accepting the faults of others and still loving them.
Being a woman means knowing that each person I love is different and still letting them be.
Being a woman means having to ask for sex when I need it and to be ready when my partner needs it.
Being a woman means knowing that only my anger will be seen and not the hurt and fear behind it.
Being a woman means valuing people and relationships, more than material things.
Being a woman means finding the strength to come to terms with things beyond my control.
Being a woman means learning to be content with what I have instead of wishing for what I don’t.
Being a woman means finding happiness in the little things of life, often overlooked by others.
Being a woman means learning to look beyond words into the hearts of those I love.
Being a woman means having to work twice as hard to prove myself.
Being a woman means surrendering my dreams to let others fulfill theirs.
Being a woman means opening my heart to love, knowing it will be broken.
Being a woman means having the courage to carry on even when I feel like giving up.
Being a woman means forgetting my aches and pains when someone I love is hurting.
Being a woman means having no ego or pride where my love is concerned.
Being a woman means expecting nothing from anyone, yet rising up to the expectations of others.
Being a woman means doing what ought to be done, whether I like it or not.
Being a woman means acting out different parts, while longing to be accepted as I am.
Being a woman means putting my family before my career and ambitions.
Being a woman means getting hurt trying not to hurt others.
Being a woman means living for others in spite of being taken for granted.

So am I happy to be a woman?
I am not just happy to be a woman, I am proud to be one……… because it is so much harder!  Yet I celebrate my feminity, celebrate my womanhood, celebrate myself!

This is for the contest on Womensweb

Broken umbrella

monsoon breeze
my broken umbrella...
I love walking in the rain

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March 6

buds unfurling
the fragrance of a rose..
your love suffuses me

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March 5, 2012

March 5

the shadow
of my words
on your silence

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March 4, 2012

March 4

dark forest
luminous sky..
hope in the heart

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March 3

golden sunshine
in your eyes
my heart blossoms

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March 2

closed garden
walled in

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March 1

hazy memory
fragrance of our love
sharp and clear

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March 1, 2012

A haiku

The storm clouds preparing
to fight the bare earth..
for the dying tree


They had come again ..the glowering storm clouds
Frowning at me, as I stood there in despair
Losing my fight against the bare earth….

They seemed angry, as if they’d guessed
I was on the verge of giving up….
That I didn’t care what happened anymore…

I wonder how they knew what was on my mind..
A calculated guess seeing my beseeching arms?
Or the bleak hopelessness in my stance?

But what did they know…of being alone and unwanted?
They always moved in a crowd, united and together…..
How could they understand my loneliness and pain?

What did it matter if I lived or died?
Who cared what I thought or did?
It was not that easy to be strong….

I would soon have my answer….to hold on or to let go…
Either they would revive me to continue my struggle…
Or their fury would finally set my spirit free…..