December 25, 2011

What being a woman means to me

A friend called me up in the morning, wishing me a ‘Happy Women’s Day’, and I thanked her.Then I wondered what was there to be happy about? Happy in having a day in a year to celebrate as a woman? Or happy to be a woman? What did it mean to me – being a woman?

Being a woman means appearing soft and feminine, but being strong inside.

Being a woman means trying to fly and touch the sky, even when my wings are clipped.

Being a woman means loving sunshine and stars, along with rains and rainbows.

Being a woman means being sentimental and emotional at times, without being practical.

Being a woman means smiling when I am hurt and crying when I am happy.

Being a woman means taking joy in dressing up, even if no one is around to appreciate it.

Being a woman means slaving over a hot stove knowing my family prefers hotel food.

Being a woman means keeping my insecurities to myself because no one is interested in them.

Being a woman means holding on, even without hope and often without support.

Being a woman means being considered weak when I cry, and unfeeling when I don’t.

Being a woman means knowing how and when to let go – of feelings, emotions, things and people.

Being a woman means caring for the happiness of my loved ones, more than my own.

Being a woman means accepting the faults of others and still loving them.

Being a woman means knowing that each person I love is different and still letting them be.

Being a woman means having to ask for sex when I need it and to be ready when my partner needs it.

Being a woman means knowing that only my anger will be seen and not the hurt and fear behind it.

Being a woman means valuing people and relationships, more than material things.

Being a woman means finding the strength to come to terms with things beyond my control.

Being a woman means learning to be content with what I have instead of wishing for what I don’t.

Being a woman means finding happiness in the little things of life, often overlooked by others.

Being a woman means learning to look beyond words into the hearts of those I love.

Being a woman means having to work twice as hard to prove myself.

Being a woman means surrendering my dreams to let others fulfill theirs.

Being a woman means opening my heart to love, knowing it will be broken.

Being a woman means having the courage to carry on even when I feel like giving up.

Being a woman means forgetting my aches and pains when someone I love is hurting.

Being a woman means having no ego or pride where my love is concerned.

Being a woman means expecting nothing from anyone, yet rising up to the expectations of others.

Being a woman means doing what ought to be done, whether I like it or not.

Being a woman means acting out different parts, while longing to be accepted as I am.

Being a woman means putting my family before my career and ambitions.

Being a woman means getting hurt trying not to hurt others.

Being a woman means living for others inspite of being taken for granted.

So am I happy to be a woman?

I am not just happy to be a woman, I am proud to be one……… because it is so much harder!

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July 11, 2011

My Little One

You came into my life
After a very long wait
You made me believe
In God and miracles
You gave me hope
When I had given up
You gave me a zest for life
And made me feel young again….

I loved the warmth
And cherished the feel
Of your little body
Cuddled close to mine
It felt so good
To hold you in my arms
And feel your tiny fingers
Curling around mine.

You brought so much joy
Into all our lives
And your gurgling laughter
Still echoes in our hearts
Your enthusiasm brings out
The best in everyone
As you go about spreading
Your happiness all around

You are so small
But act so grown up
You are already independent
And make your own decisions
Displays of affection
Seem to embarrass you
And you calmly take
Everything in your stride

You throw no tantrums
Make no unreasonable demands
Your calm acceptance
Of events and things
Leaves me amazed
Your adoration of your brother
And control over your emotions
Makes me feel ashamed at times

You have an inner strength
And a quiet determination
That sees you through everything
At times you seem
A perfectionist, going on
Stubbornly and ceaselessly
Till you achieve
What you set out to do

I wish I could hold on
To your childhood
So that you wouldn’t
Grow up quite so fast
But you are so self reliant
And there are times
When you seem more mature
Than you ought to be….

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
You will always be
A part of me…
My baby…..
My Little One…..

June 26, 2011

My First Born

You came into my life
When I least expected it
You made me feel needed
As I had never felt before
You helped me steady myself
As I drifted along in life
You helped me hold on
And gave me a reason to live….

Your smile lit up my life
And I lived for you –
Your spontaneous hugs
And unconditional love
Your gave me the priceless identity
Of being a ‘mother’ – your mother
And I felt so proud
To have you as my son….

My inexperience while bringing you up
May have hurt you at times
I may not have always
Understood you or your needs
But I have only wanted
You to be happy always
And have tried my best
To do what is best for you….

In temperament and taste
We do seem alike, and
I often see myself in you…
Trying to hide your fear
And hurt behind your anger…
Trying to act brave
And not letting anybody see
How afraid you are inside…

Now you have grown up
And sprouted your wings
You want to try them out
Chaffing at the bonds which hold you
Restless with the restraints imposed,
You are impatient at having to stay
Wanting so badly to just
Fly far away and be free…

But you are still my child
And I worry, afraid you might fall
Scared you might get hurt
By the selfishness and hostility around
Its so hard to let you go alone
Into the dangerous world outside
Knowing how precious you are to me
But not to anyone else out there…..

I know you are brave and fearless
And don’t give up without a fight
I also know you will make it
To wherever you want to go
You will reach your goal
And stand up tall and proud
You will rise from your ashes
My wonderful, blazing phoenix!!

Whatever you do
Wherever you go
You will always be
A part of me….
My son…..
My First Born…..