February 22, 2018


I remember those summer evenings after school
Dashing into the house to change
And dashing out again to play
The basketball court beckoned to us……..

A place to meet…to play…
To be part of a team….to grow…
To win….to lose….to learn…
To be there for each other…..

      The thump of energetic feet
Keeping pace with the dribbling ball
Playing in the spirit of the game
The constant challenge to net the ball

The gleeful laughter, the disappointed sighs
The failures, the euphoric highs
The battles won and lost, the lessons learnt…….
More valuable than school

Today it stands silent and alone….
Waiting for children who never come
Looking at the sky and bemoaning
The early loss of childhood…..

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September 28, 2016


Memories…….like uninvited guests
Suddenly crashing through
The routine of daily life

Memories……like long lost friends
Dropping in unexpectedly
Reviving forgotten feelings

Memories…….like spoilt children
Jostling each other
And demanding attention

Memories…….like stray dogs
Wandering here and there
Without any destination

Memories…….like sneaking thieves
Stealing peace of mind
Unmindful of causing distress

Memories…….like a sticky morass
Clinging to every thought
Simply refusing to let go

Memories…… the falling rain
Gently soothing and drenching
Washing away all guilt and regret

Memories…….like a package
Wrapped around life
And tied up with special moments

Memories… an irritating family
Hard to live with

Harder to live without ……

September 27, 2016


summer afternoon
a drop of memory
on my eyelashes

evening shadows
lonely together
you and me

looking back into
the darkness of yesterday 
memories in bloom

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July 6, 2015

Married Life

A relationship changing equations
like shifting sand dunes, slow….subtle..
Starting with dreams….passion..
becoming a compromise
when children come along..
the bonds become ties, ties become chains,
tying two people…into a life sentence…

The focus shifts, as children become
the lifeline to hold on to..
until they go their different ways…
duties and obligations take over
love, understanding and compatibility…
what we want to do, gets suppressed
by what we ought to do…

We continue living, leading parallel lives
trying to fill the emptiness in our spaces
with friends, work and various interests…
freedom becomes loneliness…
independence becomes indifference…
spaces become distances..
too great to be bridged…

So it goes on….a charade..
spontaneity lost in silence…
taking each other for granted
staying together for appearances…
and for others..a farce with
forced caring, reluctant sharing…
not reason enough to break free…

Yet needing each other
on some basic, subconscious plane
having no more desires…no more
expectations..just used to each other
comfortable in our differences
content to be with someone who

knows us at our best….and our worst…

May 1, 2015

My Life is Beautiful!

I stand by the wayside
Ignored by those passing by
No one gives me a glance
No one spares me a thought
No one waters me

Or delights in my growth…..

I am neither beautiful
Nor useful in any way
My presence makes no difference
To the earth or the sky
No one will ever notice

If I live or if I die….

Stamped upon and put down
For daring to stand tall
Plucked out and thrown away
To let others survive
I have no place in any garden

No farmer lets me grow….

 Yet I thrive on my own
Without being nurtured
Without being cherished
Without love or attention
Without any support or care

I grow abundant and wild….

The wind wipes my tears
The rain washes away my hurts
The sunshine warms me
The dew drops kiss me awake
Giving me reasons to hold on

And live for myself….

I believe in my existence
My buds have dreams
My shoots have hopes
My flowers have life
My leaves are alive

My heart too bleeds……

December 21, 2014

Our Love Story

We never had a past
No yesterdays to hold on to
No loving memories to cling on to
Nothing to show……
For a love that began so long ago………

We will never have a future
No tomorrows to look forward to
No dreams to come true
Nothing to hope……
For a love that will never die ……..

All I have are some moments
Stolen from the present …….
Precious and treasured, for their rarity
…... A few moments of hearing your voice
……A few moments of seeing your face
Creating memories……
For a love that asks for nothing more…….

Yet the thought that you love me
Gives me the strength to move on
Without dreams, without hopes,
Without any expectations…..
For a love that will last all my life……

December 7, 2014


Riding high on happiness
On the wings of love
Fired by passion and
Fuelled by desire….
Forgetting my priorities
Blind to all realities
Living in a daze…. And
Shutting the world out….

Feeling like Cinderella
With her charming prince
Enjoying her moments of glory
And dancing the night away….
Feeling so alive
Feeling so free
Floating in a dream
Knowing it wouldn’t last….

Out of control
And carried away
On a mad, euphoric ride
Leading nowhere…..
Without any ego
Or any pride…
Oblivious to everything
But my love for you….

Until the clock struck
Rudely waking me up…
Priorities crashed in…
Realities returned….
The ride had ended..
The dream had faded…
The world was with me..
Once again….

Cinderella’s hour had come
To go back….
With a handful of memories
To her humdrum life….
Without her glass slipper
Without her fairy godmother
Without any hope of ever
Meeting her prince again….

A few moments of pleasure
For a lifetime of pain
Yet there is no regret
No sense of loss…
Our time together
Was ours alone…
The wild, magical ride
Was ours alone….

My tryst with romance
Was over….
But the ride was worth the fall
The pleasure was worth the pain
If I had the chance
I would do it again…
‘coz loving you is enough
Though I know it is in vain…..

July 16, 2014


Something that is 'there'
Without any use
Without any purpose
Without any function...
Just 'there'....
An appendage
A protrusion
A dead end..
That is simply 'there'.

Try to play up?
Try to get noticed?
Demand attention?
What happens?
...A swift cut
A neat incision's removed...

Leaving no trace
Of its presence...
Taking no notice
Of its absence...
It does not matter
If it is there or not
No difference....
All the same
Before and after...

Is this what I am?
For that is how I feel.

December 21, 2013


memories flickering through
the mists of forgetfulness
flashing sporadically, like
fireflies dancing in the night

slipping a net over them
in a vain bid to hold on
but slithering through the mesh
that my mind had become....

trying desperately to bring
them back by clinging on
struggling to recollect...gasping
for the air of remembrance

names and faces blurring
thoughts churning restlessly
vague recollections of events
distorted by time and space

as if looking at
someone else's life
the fog rolling over and
blotting out the views

losing myself slowly
the people, the events
that made up my life
drifting away from me

moving into blankness
alone and terrified
with my sense of self
wiped out by time....


July 16, 2013

In Limbo

colourless world
the hues left behind
in memories…

an incomplete dream
pricking at the eyes
and flowing away...

an unfinished story
at a crossroad
waiting to end...

trying to move on
but unable to
life in limbo…